Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Biography Wife Net Worth More

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill
Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

 If you're interested in Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill then this article is for you. We'll give you the details about his life, family, career, and achievements. So if you want to know more about Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill then keep reading!

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Biography

Born in 1975, Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is a well-known American personality who is also widely recognized as a former British soldier and the son of Marianne and Colin Cavill. However, he became very popular in America. Many people are aware of this soldier's history as the brother of Henry Cavill, a famous British actor who gained worldwide fame.


Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Quick Facts

  • Born Year: 1975
  • Birthplace: Saint Helier, Jersey, United Kingdom
  • Age in 2022: 47 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: N/A
  • Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 65 kg approximately
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: Not Revealed
  • Siblings: Four brothers including Henry Cavill



Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Wife

His brother's success made him afraid to reveal any details about his personal life in front of the media, and he also did not want to reveal his identity publicly.

He has five children with his wife, Marianne Dalgliesh, according to online sources, but the details of this relationship have not been confirmed. Because he has always avoided the media, he does not have any information about his personal life. Therefore, our team is unable to find anything related to his personality.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Age & Net Worth

Niki Richard was born in 1975, in Saint Helier, Jersey, the United Kingdom as of 2022 Niki's age is 47 years old.

Approximately $500,000 is the net worth of Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill. As a soldier, he earns an annual salary of around $30,000, which is the average salary for a British soldier.

Niki Cavill Armed Forces Career

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is a British soldier serving overseas. His rank was Major (later Colonel). As per online sources, he is currently stationed at '45 Commando RM' with the Royal Marines Corps. His number is N029348R and he is a member of the Royal Navy.

Niki Richard has been awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) honor.

Cavill was awarded the M.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of her gallant and distinguished service during the period 1st April 2011 to 30th September 2011. On 20 June 2014, he was promoted to Lieutenant colonel, and on 1 April 2019 to Colonel.

In light of the fact that he's famous because of his brother, Henry Cavill, who played Superman, let me introduce you to him a little.

Milatary Photo
Milatary Photo

Niki Cavill Brothers

The actor Henry Cavill is well known for playing the character of Superman and Sherlock Holmes also known as the brother of Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill. In 2001, he made his film debut in Laguna. The Count of Monte Cristo was his first film in 2002.

Henry Cavill has played notable roles are in;

  • Immortals (2011) as Theseus
  • Man Of Steel (2013) as Clark Kent
  • Justice League (2017) as Clark Kent
  • Mission Impossible (2018) as August
  • Enola Holmes (2020) as Sherlock

Cavill has also appeared in TV shows, including The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2002), in which he made his first appearance. He played Charles in The Tudors (2007-10), and he continues to portray Geralt in The Witcher (2019-present). He was named Best Hero at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.


Are you wondering who the lucky parents are? Well, we've got some details for you. The father of Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is Colin Cavill. He is a stockbroker. His mother, Marianne Dalgliesh, was a bank secretary. His parents are Catholics as well.

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Who are Henry Cavil's Brothers?

  • Piers Cavill
  • Charlie Cavill
  • Simon Cavill

Who are Henry Cavil's Parents?

  • Marianne Cavill
  • Colin Cavill

How Many Children Does Charles Cavill Have?

He has 4 children but their names are unknown.

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