Natasha Dalal Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband, Family 2021
Natasha Dalal Biography
Natasha Dalal Biography

 Natasha Dalal Biography. Do you want to know more about her Husband, Net Worth, Family,

Caste, Height, Weight and Love Story Read Full Article.

Natasha Dalal was born on 16 March 1989 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. As of 2021, she was 32 years old.

In 2021, Natasha is well- known Indian Fashion Designer by professionals. She completes her fashion designing course at New York Fashion Institute Technology.

 Natasha Dalal Biography in English / Wiki

Before telling you the biography of Natasha Dalal, I also told you she is a glamorous lady known as a famous Indian Fashion Designer born on 16 March 1989. In 2021, Natasha Dalal age be 32 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 16 March every year.

Natasha Dalal Nickname is Natsy or Natu. She holds Indian Citizenship by religion. She is a Hindu Lady. By professional, she is a Fashion Designer. Her hometown is Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

People are also known as Varun Dhawan Girlfriend. He is a Bollywood Actor. I also told you Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan Love Story below.

Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan Love Story

It is a real Love Story about Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan. After becoming a star, people forget their childhood love. But Varun never separated Natasha from him, which is why Varun and Natasha have become one forever.

Before knowing the details of Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal romantic love story, let us know everything about Natasha Dalal.

Varun and Natasha were together in class six, and since then, they have been Varun Dhawan girlfriend

Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan
Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan


Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal Propose Story

From Class Six to XI, Varun and Natasha were good friends. Varun told in a Talk Show that he and Natasha were in the XI.

They both went to a school to play a basketball match. When they both went to the canteen during the break, Varun said that I saw Natasha passing by. She looked charming.

It was then that Varun realized that he had fallen in love with Natasha, now Natasha was the most beautiful girl in his college, and everyone wanted to go on a date with her.

Varun thought it was hard to befriend Natasha. He always tried to talk to Natasha, but Natasha ignored Varun.

Because Natasha also had a boyfriend, Varun would sit next to Natasha in class, but Natasha would always ignore Varun.

Varun began to think that Natasha would never befriend him, so he made a plan to start ignoring Natasha. Varun's plan worked, and Natasha talked to Varun. 

Later, when Varun Dhawan fell in love with Natasha, Natasha disagreed with forming a relationship, probably because Natasha was boyfriend at the time. But because of Varun's persistent efforts, Natasha agreed to have a relationship with him.

Varun talks about Natasha, he likes Natasha Dalal honesty the most, and he learns from Natasha.

Natasha Dalal Wedding Pick
Natasha Dalal Wedding Pick

Natasha Dalal Biography Family Background

If we check the biography of Natasha Dalal family and background, we know her father's name is Rajesh Dalal, and he is a businessman. Her mother name is Gauri Dalal. She is a housewife. Natasha has no brother and sister.

Natasha Dalal Family Pick
Natasha Dalal Family Pick

Age Difference

Varun decides to get married when he risks the lives of his brother, sister-in-law and his lovely little daughter, Varun is 34 years old, and Natasha is 32 years old.

Body Measurements

Natasha also has a beautiful figure size, like 34-29-34. She has 5'4", which is 163 cm in meters, and her weight is approxemently 60 kg Pounds- 132 lbs.

Natasha Dalal Body Measurements
Natasha Dalal Body Measurements

Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan Breakup Story 

The latest news of Varun and Natasha's breakup went viral when Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt started appearing together a lot.

The news spread in the media that Alia has broken up with Varun and Natasha for many reasons. When it went viral, Varun said in an interview on Katrina Kapoor's show that he and Alia are excellent friends, and there is nothing between them.

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal Marriage Date

On 24 January 2021, Varun and Natasha got married; they also uploaded their wedding photos on social media, which people also liked very much.

Natasha Dalal School, College & Education

She completed her schooling in Mumbai; Natasha then moved to New York and took a fashion designing course. After completing the course, Natasha returned to Mumbai.

Natasha Dalal Fashion Brand History

When Natasha returned to India in 2013, she opened a brand which she named Natasha Dalal. This fashion brand of Natasha is mainly known for its designer lehenga and bridal dresses. Natasha is a fashion designer as well as a model.

Suppose we check the biography of Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan Relationship. In that case, we know Natasha has been in a relationship with Varun for many years, even though she stays away from the media. A lot of Bollywood celebrities' dresses are also made from Natasha's brand. 

Net Worth

Natasha is a fashion designer, and she opened his fashion brand named "The Natasha Dalal", and her primary source of income is his fashion brand. The estimated net worth of Natasha Dalal in 2021 is between $100000 to 2 million dollars.

Interesting Facts

So, after telling you about Natasha Dalal Biography. It is a time to tell you interesting facts about Natasha Dalal.

  • Natasha is a fashion designer by profession and has graduated from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have been childhood friends, and the two have been dating since before Varun became an actor.
  • Initially, the couple wanted to hide their relationship from others, but they could not do so and had to tell them about their relationship.
  • In a televised interview, Varun Said Natasha is an ordinary girl who wants to stay away from the media.
  • Like every relationship, there was news in the media about their relationship that they had had a breakup, but Varun had told in a TV interview that this news was fake.
  • Natasha Dalal also appeared with the Varun Dhawan family.
  • Varun Dhawan had admitted on Karan Johor's show Coffee with Karan that he and Natasha Dalal are childhood friends and have been together for a long time.
  • Ever since Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal came together for Sonam Kapoor's wedding, their fans wanted to cut the marriage.
  • On 24 January 2021, Varun and Natasha Dalal got married.


Who is Natasha Dalal Father?

Her father name is Rajesh Dalal, and he is a businessman, and he has no son. 

Who is Natasha Dalal Mother?

Her mother name is Gauri Dalal. Many people also want to know the age of Natasha's mother and what she does; she is a housewife, and her age is under review.

Who is the Caste of Natasha Dalal and her age?

Natasha was born on 16 March 1989. As per 2021, her age is 32 years old, and her caste is Jain.'

How did Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal meet?

Varun met Natasha first time in school in sixth class since both are good friends. After passing a few years, both are married in 2021,


So, here is the complete Natasha Dalal Biography in 2021; in this article, you also know about her love story with her boyfriend, Varun Dhawan. You also know her net worth, family background, career, and many others more.

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