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Are you interested to know about ABC news reporter Janai Norman Bio? Then you land in the right place because, in this article, we talk about biography, family husband, and the Net worth of ABC News female anchor Janai Norman?

ABC News Anchor Janai Norman Bio:

Janai Norman is known as a famous American journalist. She rose to prominence when she began working as a correspondent at ABC News before working as a news anchor, reporter and correspondent.

Janai is one of the most beautiful female anchors of ABC News. She is currently working as a correspondent for the World News Now America The Morning show.

 Norman joined the ABC show on November 20, 2018, and on November 24, 2018, she appeared first time as a correspondent of the World News Now Show.

She began his career as a reporter with WFTV in 2011 and has covered many stories during her career, including the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Trump Administration, Capitol Hill and much More

Janai Norman ABC News Bio

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Educational History

She has done graduation in Psychology Mass Media from the University of Missouri Columbia. After graduating, Norman linked her educational credentials to journalism, and today she is a well-known American woman journalist.

Body Measurements

She has black eyes and hairs with 5 feet 9 inches height approxemently her weight is 65 kg approxemently Janai also has an attractive figure.

Janai Norman Body Measurements

Age Nationality & Ethnicity

She was born on January 5, 1990; as of 2021, her age is 31 years old; she was born in South Africa. After the birth of Janai , her parents moved to America. Now she has dual nationality, South African and American.

Janai Norman husband, Eli Norman

She is a married woman. She married Eli Norman in the year 1817, and now they are living a happy married life.

Before marriage, they had known each other since 2015 and have been dating. Janai officially announced her marriage on April 5, 2017. Her wedding took place in Barbados, attended by Norman's close relatives and friends.

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During Pregnancy

As I told you earlier, Janai and Eli Norm knew each other before marriage. He had a physical relationship, so only eight months after the wedding, in December 2017, the first children were born at Norman's house was born.

Janai Norman Baby / Children

She  has two children. Only eight months after the marriage, a daughter was born at Janai house in December 2017, which she announced over a week on ABC News.

The second child was born at Norman's house in the year 2020. This time a son was born at his house, whom he named Blake.

Net Worth & Salary

She joined ABC News in 2016, during which time she made a net worth of 1 million dollars while working for ABC News. ABC News gives $200000 yearly salary to Janai Norman

Janai Norman Hair

When she started her career, she was earnest about her hair. And she also took care of her hair. But when Janai first child was about to be born at home, she started wearing big to save her natural bills. When Norman began appearing big on TV, Janai actions affected many women.


Janai was born in South Africa at a very early age. Janai parents moved to the United States. Unfortunate, there is no information available about Norman Parents, but she is dual nationality American and South African.


Who is Janai Norman married to?

Janai and Eli Norman have known each other since 2015. Janai  became ABC News' female reporter in June 2016. They were married in 2017 and now have two children.

How old is Janai Norman?

She was born on January 5, 1990, 2021. She is 31 years old; currently, she is working in ABC News as a female anchor in World News Now America The Morning Show.

Where was Janai Norman born?

She was born in South Africa. Her parents moved to the United States at an early age now she lives in the United States.


So here is the full biography of ABC News female journalist Janai Norman. Hopefully, you got to know something about Norman that you didn't know before today.

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