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Mike Woods

Are you interested in knowing who is Mike Woods and his biography? If your answer is yes so you come to the right place to know about him.  He is an American meteorologist. personality He joined the Fox 5 news channel in 2001. Moreover, since then, he has been a featured reporter for Fox 5 NY, also known as Gay Weather Men.

Today I came to tell you is he married and the name of Mike Woods Wife? And also Mike Woods Age and Net Worth in 2021.

Career Stats Fox 5 News

He started his career as a morning anchor and hosted the show “Eastern North Carolina” in this show; he covered the news of hurricanes in 1996. Later he joined FOX 5 NY and became the part of FOX 5 NY news team.

From the beginning of his career, he started work as a weekend metrologies and became a featured reporter for Good Day New York.

Body Measurements

  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Weight: 64 KG approximately
  • Height: 5’11”


Awards Stats History

He is very famous with the name of the hottest local news anchor. However, on the other hand, he also hosts Adapt Leadership Award in 2018 and the Adapt Leadership Award Gala in 2019.

He also received an Emmy Nomination for the best weather forecast by Natas. Macdonald also gives him the Black Media Legends Award.

Is Mike Woods Gay?

According to the media reports and rumours, Mike is famous with weather gay men, but Mike does not officially announce.

Mike Woods Biography

As we mentioned earlier, Woods is a well-known American award-winning Fox 5 News reporter. He was born in Sacramento, CA, United States of America.

He joined Fox 5 News in 2001 and worked as a Meteorologist, and he is also a featured reporter of Good Day New York. Before joining the Fox 5 News channel, he works as a non-Meteorologist in Eastern North Carolina.

He also covered many major weather events. Recently he spends 72 hours on air covering Hurricane Irene he also called a  Weathermen.

Mike is a kind person. He also does many works for charitable for cancer person the main reason behind this he also had Cancer in 2018.

Mike Wood Phoro

Mike Woods Age, Date of Birth

He was born in Sacramento, CA, the United States of America, on January 27, 1968; in 2021, his age is 53 years old.

Mike Woods Parents / Family

Her father name is ED Woods, and he is from Africa, and his mother is unknown.


He is a highly educated person and passes the graduation from the University of California, Davis in California, in Rhetoric and Communication.

Net Worth, Salary

Approximately Mike Woods Net Worth is 1 to 5 Million USD Dollars, and his salary is approximately 90$ USD Dollars.

Mike Woods Wife / Girlfriend

The rumors coming from media reports Mike Woods Dating Ines Rosales, but he is not married to Lines Rosales.

Mike Woods with Ines Rosales

Mike Woods Cancer

On May 9 2018, Mike officially announced he is suffered from Prostate Cancer. He also reveals that his father, grandfather, and uncle had Prostate Cancer, and during the surgery, they passed away.

Mike Woods Fox 5 New York

At Fox 5 New Woods Work Alongside:

  • Reagan Medgie: Reporter
  • Atwan Lewis: General Assignments Reporter
  • Keyla Memelek: General Assignments Reporter
  • Bianca Peters: Anchor
  • Steve Lacy: Anchor
  • Leo Leone: Vice President and General Manager
  • Ryan Kristofer: Reporter
  • Nick Gregory: Chief Meteorologist
  • Godi Golberg: General Assistant Reporter
  • Lisa Evers: Reporter
  • Kerry Drew: Reporter
  • Stacy Dedikate: General Assistant Reporter
  • Arthur Chine: Journalist
  • Tina Cervasio: Sports Anchor-Reporter
  • Dan Bowens: Anchor-Reporter
  • Ernie Anastos: Anchor
  • Sharon Crowley Journalist
  • Dana Arschin: Reporter
  • Dara Alexander: Reporter

Social Media Account


Is Lines Rosales Married to Mike Woods?

No, she is not married to Woods. He is single, but the rumours from media reports that he is dating with Lines Rosales.

Are Lines from Fox 5 Married?

Yes, she is married, and her husband name is Brian Renda.

Who is Lines Rosales?

She is a traffic anchor on Good Day New York. She joined Fox News in April 2007. Currently, she works as a reporter and camera operator in Fox News.

Who are the weathermen on Fox 5 News?

Mike Woods is the weathermen on Fox 5 News

What is wrong with Mike?

In May 2018, Woods officially announced that he had Prostate Cancer. He also reveals that his father and grandfather also died from this disease during the surgery.


So, above the post, I briefly describe who Mike Woods is and tell you about Mike Woods Biography, Net worth, Salary, Career and More.

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