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Chris Tucker


Today our the topic is Chris Tucker Net Worth. If you are interested to know who is Chris Tucker? If your answer is yes then you land in the right place because here you will get all the answers about Chris Tucker Age, Wife, Son, House and also Chris Tucker Salary in 2021.

Chris Tucker is an American actor or comedian star he is famous for his role James Carter in the movie Rush Hour movie series

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Chris Tucker Short Biography


Real Name:                 Christopher Tucker

Father Name:             Norris Tucker (Business Man)

Mother Name:           Mary Louise Tucker

Birthday:                    August 31, 1971

Birth Place:                 Atlanta, Georgia United States

Age:                             50 Years (in 2021)

Education:                  Columbia High School (Graduate)

Wife Name:                Azja Pryor (Married in 1997 and Divorced in 2003)

Son Name:                  Destin Christopher Tucker

Occupation:               Actor & Comedian

Children:                     1

Sun Sign:                    Virgo


Chris Tucker Early Life


He was born on August 31, 1971, and Chris Tucker Age is 49 years in 2021. Chris Tucker is the youngest in his family out of six children. He belongs to a rich family his father is a businessman and also runs the Janitorial service.


He spent his childhood in Decatur Georgia and after he passes graduation from Columbia High School he moved to Los Angles to make a career in acting field.


He starts his career from standup comedy and Chris Tucker early influences were Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. Tucker teachers and classmate knew that Chris Tucker making people laughter by doing impressions of Murphy and Michael Jackson.


Chris Tucker grew up in Christen Family because his parents are the members of Church of God in Christ during his childhood.

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Chris Tucker Career

From the very begging of his career he shows his skills in the stand-up comedy show “Def. Comedy Jam” in 1992. When he was only 19 years old he moved to the Los Angles to make a career in stand-up comedy.


He was a frequent performer on Def. Comedy Jam. In 1994 Chris Tucker started his movie career with House Party 3 was the first project of Chairs Tucker he also received a standing ovation for his outstanding performance.


1995 In the upcoming movie Friday, Chris Tucker work with the rapper Ice Cube together after which Chris became better known in the movie world.


In 1997 he worked with Charlie Sheen in Money Talks and also worked with Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. In the year of 1995, he also performed a supporting role in Jackie Brown Double-O-Soul it was a comedy movie but the film was never released due to unknown reason.

He is highest-paid actor in Hollywood Industry in 2007. After the 5 years breaks he returned to the stand-up comedy in 2011 and 2012 and acting in “Silver Linings Playbook


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How much is Chris Tucker Net Worth?

Chris Tucker also worked with Jackie Chan in 1998 Martial Arts Movie Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour 2 and also Rush Hour 3 in which movie he played the role of LAPD Detective James Carter.

After the the commercial success of Rush Hour 1 Chris Tucker received $20 million salaries for Rush Hour 2 and also received $25 million for Rush Hour 3.

After the the success of Rush Hour 1 and Rush Hour 2 he also Singh 2 Movies Contract with New Line Cinema worth is $40 million so including all the salary of Chris Tucker the total Chris Tucker Net Worth is approvement above $5 million in 2021.

Chris Tucker Net Worth


How Does Chris Tucker Spend His Money?

After work in Rush Hour Chris Tucker become famous and reach he received 20 million USD Dollars to work in the sequence of movie Rush Hour he loves to spend money to buy luxurious items such as cars house and other expensive things.


Chris Tucker’s Cars

He also has most notable and expensive cars in his garage such as Aston Martin, Vanquish, Lamborghini, and Murcielago Roadster.


Chris Tucker’s House

He also has house in Atlanta and Los Angles. In 2007 Chris Tucker purchase a beautiful house in Florida, the worth is approxemently 6 million USD Dollars.


Chris Tucker & New Line Cinema

After the BlockBuster movie Rush Hour 2 Chris take the break for few years from Hollywood industry. In the year 2007, he returns back to Hollywood Industry and sight the contract with New Line Cinema he sights 2 movies the worth is $40 million.

$25 million would be his salary of Rush Hour 3. He also received 25% of gross receipts of Rush Hour 3 which made him the highest-paid actor in Hollywood Industry unfortunate the movie Rush Hour 3 is unable to receive massive attention from public.  



Other Sources of Chris Tucker Net Worth

In 2011, after few years break Chris return to Hollywood and in 2012 he does a movie named Silver Linings Playbook his performance is incredible in this movie and he also received an Academic Award for his performance.

Show Host

He also hosted several programs such as BIET AWARD in 2013 and Urban One Honors in 2020. He also becomes a part of numerous events celebrated with Chance the Rapper and James Foxx

Financial Issues

As we told earlier Chris Tucker is the highest-paid actor in the Hollywood film industry but during the peak days of his career, he also faces some financial issues.

Chris Tucker found himself drowning in the IRS debt. He paid $11 million in taxes in the year of 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. In 2014 Chris Tucker dept. has risen to $14 million in the same year Chris Tucker all dept. was finally settled.


Awards & Achievements

Chris Tucker not received so many awards in his career he received few awards including Broadcast Film Critics Association Award and an academic Award in different categories.


Facts You Need To Know About Chris Tucker

He was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood Film Industry

He also works in Burger King Shop he also does mop floors here

He was move to the Log Angles to make his career in the Hollywood film industry

He also faces some financial problem during the peak days of his career he is drowning in IRS dept. Chris Tucker dept. has risen $14 million in 2014.


Chris Tucker’s Age, Birthday

Chris Tucker was born on 31st August 1971, in Atlanta Georgia in United Stands and in 2021 Chris Tucker Age is 49 years old. He will also celebrate 50th Birthday on 31st August in 2021.

Chris Tucker’s Parents

Chris Tucker father name is Norris Tucker he is a Business Man and runs Janitorial service. Her mother name is Mary Louise Tucker.


Chris Tucker Wife / Son

Chris Tucker Wife name is Azja Pryor, she married Chris Tucker in 1997 but in 2003 both are separate with divorce and Chris Tucker, Son name is Destin Christopher Tucker.

Chris Tucker Wife


Chris Tucker Son

Chris Tucker Girlfriend

After giving the divorce to Azja Pryor in 2003 Chris Tucker started dating India Arie and she is a popular singer in the United States.

Chris Tucker Girlfriend


 Chris Tucker Height, Weight and Physical Stats

Here is the Physical Stats of Chris Tucker:

·         Chris Tucker Height is 6 feet 1 inches

·         Chris Tucker weight is 80 kg approxemently or 176 lbs.

·         He has black Eyes

·         He has black hair

·         And his color is also black.


Chris Tucker Social Media Accounts


He is also very much active on Social Media Such as Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter. He has also 103 million followers on Facebook 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 796.4k followers in Twitter.

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Instagram



Why does Chris Tucker have a negative Net Worth?

He is highest paid actor in Rush Hour but Chris Tucker Net Worth is negative because he found himself drowning in the IRS debt. and the dept. condition is worst for Chris his 10000 square mansion approxemently worth is $6 million has been foreclosed as well.

What is Chris Tucker Net Worth 2020?

He sights a contract of two movies with New Line Cinema worth is $40. He also received $25 million to appear in Rush Hour 3 Movie he also received 25% of gross receipts of Rush Hour 3 the cost is approxemently $65 million.

How Much Did Chris Tucker get paid for Friday?

$10000 paid to Chris Tucker for Friday at this all comedian said Chris Tucker just wanted the opportunity to work in Friday.


How Much Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2021?

The approxemently Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2021 is $5 million USD Dollars he is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in 2007.


How old is Chris Tucker Son?


Chris Tucker son name is Destin Christopher Tucker, he was born in 1998, and in 2021, his age is 23 years old


Who Chris Tucker Married to?

Chris Tucker Wife name is Azja Pryor she married to Chris Tucker in 1997 and she also has a boy Destin Christopher Tucker but unfortunately in 2003 she divorced by Chris Tucker.


Who is Chris Tucker dating?

Chris Tucker started dating with India Arie Simpson she is an American singer



So, in this an article we discuss what is Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2021? Except we also tell you who is Chris Tucker Son, Wife, Girlfriend and what is Chris Tucker salary in Rush Hour sequence movie.


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